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Iceland Aug 4, 2021

Iceland Day 1 - July 8th 2021

We arrived at Keflavík airport around noon. The flight, the entry and the rental car pickup, everything went super smooth. Since it was too early to check in at our hotel, we decided to start exploring Iceland immediately! Our first destination was the Gunnuhver Hot Spring, which was a 30 min drive from the airport. When we arrived, I loaded my F65 with a roll of Fuji C200 and took my first few film photos in Iceland.

After exploring the hot springs for some time, we continued to the Reykjanes Lighthouse. Along the road to the lighthouse, we saw an interesting sign - "Warning - low-flying birds". Moments later, we agreed that this sign is more than appropriated. We had to drive super slow because there were flying hundreds of birds around the lighthouse. So it is no wonder that my shot of the lighthouse includes a few birds as well!

35mm Film - Nikon F65 & Fuji C200

To be honest, we both were a bit scared of all the birds, so we continued to the cliffs next to the lighthouse. These cliffs were really impressive! I especially fell in love with this huge boulder in the middle of the sea. After enjoying the moment and realizing that we are actually in Iceland, we continued our journey to our next stop.

35mm Film - Nikon F65 & Fuji C200

The next and last stop on our first day in Iceland was the Krýsuvík Geothermal Area. We were both absolutely fascinated by the colors and patterns we saw there. I think the detail shots look like they were taken on another planet. We discovered little springs, rising steam and water bubbles everywhere. Only the smell wasn't the nicest. From a photography perspective, I really fell in love with capturing details as well as patterns in this area.

All in all it was an amazing first day in Iceland!

Iceland - Rainy Geldingadalir & Sunny Reykjavík
Iceland Day 2 - July 9th 2021 On our second day in Iceland, we wanted to see the currently active volcano Geldingadalir in Fagradalsfjall. On our way to the volcano, the sun came through, and we had some beautiful and dramatic weather for a couple of minutes. We decided to
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