Berlin at Night Captured on Lomo 800 @ 1600

Film Photography Jul 10, 2022

I wanted to know how Lomography Colour Negative 800 performs when pushed one stop to 1600 for a long time. So, when I was in Berlin, I thought it is the perfect opportunity to find out!

I loaded a roll of Lomo 800 into my Nikon FE and set the ISO dial to 1600. This will underexpose the roll by one stop. During development, you need to make sure to compensate for that. Either by extending the development time as stated in the data sheet or simply by telling your preferred lab.

After I got the scans back from the lab and scrolled through the results, I was positively surprised! I am super happy how these images turned out. No weird colour shifts or something like this.

But see for yourself and decide if you would like to shoot your next roll of Lomo 800 at 1600! I would definitely do it again, and now I am curious how this stock would look when pushed two stops to 3200.

Development & Scan by Safelight Berlin

I ordered Development + Standard Scan at Safelight Berlin, which cost €9. The push processing is free of charge.

If you are interested about how the scans look straight from the lab, you can check out a few full resolution files here: DOWNLOAD

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