Exploring the City of London with the RETO Ultra Wide & Slim and KODAK GOLD - The Whole Roll

The Whole Roll Sep 7, 2023

My first YouTube Video is out ­čą│­čą│­čą│


The RETO Ultra Wide & Slim is a compact and affordable 35mm film camera. This camera has a fixed aperture (f/11), fixed shutter speed (1/125s), fixed lens (22mm) and also a fixed focus (1m - Ôł×).

RETO Ultra Wide & Slim
All seven colours, are now available! RETO Ultra Wide & Slim is a slim and lightweight 35mm film camera which features a ultra-wide lens of 22mm. It is pocketable fun camera to bring along to all parties and celebrations. The camera is available in seven voguish colours.
(Not sponsored)

All the following photos were captured with the RETO Ultra Wide & Slim 35mm film camera on Kodak Gold.


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