Evening Strolls - London Waterloo to London Bridge

Evening Strolls May 16, 2023

Despite the rain that persisted throughout the day, the weather forecast suggested a brief appearance of sunshine later this evening. By now, I've learned not to place too much faith in these predictions, so I kept my expectations low. Nevertheless, I chose to go out for a stroll and capture a few photos after wrapping up work.

For reasons I can't quite pinpoint, there are days when I'm inexplicably drawn to a specific focal length, theme, mood, or subject. On this particular day, I felt an undeniable pull towards capturing images with a wide-angle lens. Naturally, I reached for my trusty Nikon Z6, with the compact Nikon 28 mm f/2.8 lens. With this lightweight and compact setup, I was ready to go.

Once I finished work, I hopped on a train bound for London Waterloo, eager to begin my stroll. Much to my astonishment, the rain had genuinely stopped.

From London Waterloo, I started walking towards London South Bank, snapping a few photos on the way.

At the riverbank, I noticed some oddly photogenic puddles left from all the rain during the day, which make a great foreground and source of reflection.

I wandered along the Thames towards the East, capturing a few more nice moments along the way.

Under the Blackfriars bridge I spotted a nice composition. I used the arch of the bridge and the walkway to frame the beautiful skyline of The City of London. To make the image more interesting, I chose a slow shutter speed and waited for some people to pass through the frame.

I continued walking along the Thames path eastwards to my destination, London Bridge station. The weather forecast definitely didn't promise too much, and I got some lovely golden evening light.

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Cheers! - Jan


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