Film Photography FQAs

What is the perfect analog film camera for getting started?

I personally started with a Nikon F65. I think every simple and cheap SLR is perfect for getting started.

How do you scan your analog film negatives?

I am scanning my negatives with my digital camera. So I basically taking a picture with my digital camera of each film frame against a light source and then convert the negatives with a fantastic Adobe Lightroom plugin called Negative Lab Pro.

Please see https://blog.gottweiss.photography/how-i-scan-my-film-negatives/ for more details.

Can I develop my film at home?

Yes! You can develop B&W, Color, Slide and even Cine Film at home. For color film you can check my shopping list: https://blog.gottweiss.photography/develop-your-color-film-at-home-shopping-list/

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