How I scan my Film Negatives

Film Photography Dec 28, 2020

A frequently asked question via my Film Photography Instagram Channel is how I scan and convert my analog negatives to digital files so I can share them via e.g. Instagram.


I am scanning my negatives with my digital camera. So I basically taking a picture with my digital camera of each film frame against a light source and then convert the negatives with a fantastic Adobe Lightroom plugin called Negative Lab Pro.
Also this Guide from Negative Lab Pro explains everything you need to know!

Required Equipment & Software

Equipment I am using:

Software I am using:

The Process - Overview

  • Develop your Film!
  • Set up your Camera, Tripod, Light Source, ...
  • Load your Film Holder
  • Make sure everything is aligned and in focus
  • Take a picture of every film frame (Adobe Lightroom Tethered Shooting)
  • Crop the frames and convert them via Negative Lab Pro
  • Done!


Please do yourself a favour and read the following "Film Scanning Best Practices" guide linked below! This guide from Negative Lab Pro explains everything you need to now! It will safe you a lot of time later on.

I am basically following exactly this guide!

Film Scanning Best Practices | Negative Lab Pro
Learn the settings and techniques for getting the best scans to work with in Negative Lab Pro


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