Iceland - Rainy Geldingadalir & Sunny Reykjavík

Iceland Aug 7, 2021

Iceland Day 2 - July 9th 2021

On our second day in Iceland, we wanted to see the currently active volcano Geldingadalir in Fagradalsfjall. On our way to the volcano, the sun came through, and we had some beautiful and dramatic weather for a couple of minutes. We decided to stop at Kleifarvatn Lake to take some pictures.

The weather and scenery looked so beautiful that I decided to load my first roll of medium format film. I pulled out a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 as well as my lovely Rolleicord and took the following shots.

Medium Format Film - Rolleicord V & Kodak Ektar 100

Unfortunately, the good weather was not of long duration... Luckily, I think these moody and rainy scenes look equally amazing in Iceland!

At this point I would love to post some spectacular pictures from the active volcano... but unfortunately I don't have any. After we started hiking towards the volcano, it started to rain heavily. The wind was super strong, and we had a visibility of less than 100 m. At the point when the visibility got worse, and we were completely soaked, we decided to return to our rental car. At least we saw an already cooled down lava field.

After we arrived at our hotel, I noticed that the Nikon F65, stored in my backpack, was completely wet, and the batteries inside were already rusted. After drying, the F65 turned on again but was trying to wind the film roll constantly... super strange. Unfortunately, I think the F65 is dead now. I need to check if I can salvage it, but I think the chance is rather small. Luckily I packed my Nikon F80 as well. So I continued shooting with that one for the rest of the Iceland trip. After getting into some dry clothes, we headed towards Reykjavík!

So instead of volcano photos, enjoy these frames from Reykjavík! While exploring the streets of Reykjavík, the weather got better and better. Occasionally we even had a beautiful blue sky! We enjoyed strolling through the city so much! I loved taking photos of all the beautiful buildings in Reykjavík! Experimenting with different point of views and different compositions was so much fun!

35mm Film - Nikon F80 & Fuji C200

Around 7 pm, we decided to leave Reykjavík and head back to our hotel. Of course, we did not take the direct route, but decided to explore more of the vicinity. Around an hour later, we found a lovely parking space with a very nice view! So, I decided to pull out my Rolleicord again and finish the roll of Kodak Ektar 100. Wow, I am again absolutely amazed by how beautiful they turned out! I tried out a few different compositions including the flowers, mountains and the street.

Nikon Z6 & Nikon 50mm f/1.8


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