Revuenon Special 135mm f/2.8 - Showcase

Vintage Lenses Apr 1, 2021

I bought this Revuenon lens end of 2020 for roughly 10 €. The focal length is 135 mm and the maximum aperture is f/2.8. This is a standard M42 screw mount lens. I primarily use it with my Nikon Z6 and the respective adapter.

The Lens

In this blog post series, I want to take the opportunity to highlight the different looks and characteristics of each of my vintage lenses. So, this series is focusing on showing real example images instead of sharpness test shots. All images were taken with a Nikon Z6 and edited in Lightroom.

During a sunny day in spring, I mounted the Revuenon lens on my Nikon Z6 and took a few spring shots! So sit back and enjoy all the spring goodness!

When shooting directly into the sun, you get these (nice) and gigantic rainbow flares.


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