The Sound of Analog Cameras

Film Photography Jan 21, 2021

After an Instagram post by Moment, I was inspired to capture the different sounds of my analog cameras. A huge part of why I love to shoot with analog cameras and vintage gear, in general, is the overall look and feel. All the mechanical elements like the buttons or dials are so pleasing to use. But especially the mechanical soundscape of each camera is fascinating!

Each camera I used so far had a very interesting and individual soundscape. And this soundscape is what I wanted to capture. With this target in mind, I started creating ASMR like videos for each of my camera.

The Gear I used

  • For recording the main footage I used a Nikon Z6 with a Tamron 90mm macro lens.
  • For some additional scenes I used a DJI Osmo Pocket
  • All the audio was recorded with a Zoom H1n. I also had a Rode video mic in place as a backup.
  • The scenes were lighted with a Jinbei 60W LED light and a Yongnuo YN360 RGB light.
  • Besides that, I used a few tripods, clamps and other small stuff.

The Sound of a PORST 135S - an analog 35mm rangefinder camera

The video of the little PORST 135S was my first approach creating an ASMR-like video about analog film cameras. It was a nice little challenge setting everything since I was doing a video like this for the first time.

The Sound of a Nikon F65 - a relatively modern analog 35mm SLR camera

The second video was about my Nikon F65. With the experiences from the first video, I was more confident in the whole setup process. So it was time for some experiments like adding additional lights and camera perspectives.

The Sound of a Pentax ME Super - a classic analog 35mm SLR camera

The third video of this series was very well received in the community!

The Sound of a Rolleicord V - An anlaog medium format TLR camera

Behind the Scenes Impressions

I am planning to do a small BTS / Tutorial in the future :)


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