Iceland - Beautiful Reykjavík & Heading Northwards

Iceland Aug 13, 2021

Iceland Day 3 - July 10th 2021

Welcome to day three of our Iceland trip! Before we headed to our next hotel, we wanted to explore Reykjavík a bit more. The weather was absolutely gorgeous this day. We decided to visit Reykjavík's famous and beautiful cathedral, Hallgrimskirkja. The view from it's 73 m high tower was stunning! I love how dramatic the sky looks and how the sunlight hits the city!

From the tower of Hallgrimskirkja we spotted a beautiful colorful street directly next to the cathedral which we hadn't explored yet. For this street, I loaded a roll of Lomography CN 400. I'm a huge fan of the vibrant colors and thought this would be a perfect fit! I think I didn't sealed the film tight enough, so there are a few subtle light leaks on the left and right side.

Around noon, we decided to leave Reykjavík and start our one and a half hour drive northwards, to our next accommodation.

Travel Route Day 3 (Map: © OpenStreetMap contributors)

Of course, we made a lot of stops to enjoy the beautiful landscape during our drive. After checking into the lovely  Hraunsnef Country Hotel we decided to start explore this region. We were really impressed how the landscape changed during our drive from Reykjavík.
Along the road no. 50 we found a lovely parking space next to the river Flókadalsá where I took these lovely pictures.

Medium Format Film - Rolleicord V & Lomo CN 400

The light was absolutely gorgeous this evening!


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