The Journey of a Roll of Film - Links & Further Resources

Film Photography Feb 6, 2021


Part 1 - The Choice of Film Stock

Helpful YouTube Videos

Here are some film stock guides which really helped me in the beginning.

Black & White Film Guide, Shootout, and Comparison - 35mm, 400 ISO
Which 400 black and white film should I shoot?Table of contents:Methodology - 2:38Film histories and characteristics - 5:34Blind test - 17:57My analysis and ...
Download the photos for blind test here: my Black and White Fillm ScoreCard here: htt...
Which color film should you buy?
In this video, we compare all c-41 or color negative films available currently in the US and provide a blind test to help you choose the one that most appeal...

Blogs & Articles

When you would like to get an impression on how a certain film stock will look check 5 Frames or Whole Roll articles e.g. on or

5 frames with... Archives - 35mmc
The Whole Roll Archives - 35mmc
5 Frames... archives on EMULSIVE
Produced in conjunction with Hamish Gill over at, find all #5Frames articles here. Exploring the beauty of film photography stocks, five frames at a time.

Also there are plenty of film stock reviews on

Camera, Lens, Film and Peripheral Kit Reviews - 35mmc
If you’re looking for photography equipment and peripheral reviews, this is the place to start!

On the website of Lomography you can find example shots for basically every film stock out there.

We absolutely love creative photography. Discover a huge range of cameras, lenses, accessories and films to experiment with. Become part of our fun community, share your fantastic photos with friends and read the latest photography tips, news and features.

Part 2 - Setting up the Camera

My absolutely favorite source for camera manuals is!

Part 3 - Taking Photos

Part 4 - Unload the Camera

AP Film retriever - analogue photography
Film retriever to pull the film out of the cartridge if you wind it back to far. The only model that we’ve found that really works. Three plastic “lips” are pushed into ...
Film Retriever


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