PORST 135S Review - A 5 € Rangefinder Camera

Film Photography Mar 10, 2021

I spotted this cute-looking rangefinder-style camera on eBay for around 5 €. So I thought, why not giving it a try.

The PORST 135S is super small

When it arrived I was a bit bummed since the light meter wasn't working at all. And since this camera is fully automatic, the light meter is kind of essential. After quickly inspecting the battery compartment I noticed that the contact was corroded. I decided to clean the battery contact and voila, the light meter worked!

The rangefinder-style viewfinder including the light meter

I did a bit of research about what battery I should use since the originally recommended batteries are no longer available.

I found this Flickr post which mentioned that LR44 alkaline batteries can be used as well! However, due to the voltage difference, exposure compensation of around one stop is required. Since the Porst does not have a dedicated exposure compensation dial it is necessary to set the ISO setting accordingly.

For Example:

  • ISO 800 Film => Setting the camera to ISO 400
  • ISO 400 Film => Setting the camera to ISO 200
  • ISO 200 Film => Setting the camera to ISO 100
  • ISO 100 Film => Setting the camera to ISO 50

Of course, this is not 100% accurate but it will work pretty well with negative film.

After inserting the new battery and dialing in the ISO I was ready to load my first film roll! I decided to use a roll of expired AGFA APX 100 first. And what should I say, the results are really great! I was really surprised tbh!

Next, I loaded a roll of Fomapan 200

I really admire this soft, sometimes painting like look of this camera.

Love this soft look of the Porst - Fomapan 200

But the Porst is not only good for B&W film but also for Color Film! I decided to try some of my favorite color stocks next! The Lomography Color Negative 400.

PORST 135S - Lomography Color Negative 400

Last but not least, a few beauty shots of the PORST 135S


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