Notion for Film Photographers [1/2]

Film Photography Jun 22, 2021
TL;DR I use an App called Notion to keep track of everything related to my film photography. From film rolls in my freezer to darkroom prints.
If you want to setup your own Notion, stay tuned for the next part or use my simplified template as a starting point.

A couple of weeks ago I reorganized my film inventory. I moved the majority of my unshot rolls from a box in my basement to the freezer. While I was putting all my rolls in zip bags I took notes about how much of each stock I currently own on paper. However, I thought there must be a better way to keep track of my inventory than writing it all down on a single sheet of paper.

I decided to ask the film community on my Instagram Channel about how to keep track of all the film stocks one owns. One App/Tool which was mentioned multiple times was Notion. So far I never heard about Notion so I wanted to give it a try immediately.

If you never heard of Notion, check out their website and sign up for free:

Notion for personal use
Write, plan, and get organized in one place for free.
Notion Website

What is Notion?

I would describe Notion as a (beautiful looking) notebook app on steroids! You can not only take simple notes but add all kinds of blocks serving a different purpose. For example, you can use blocks to add images, videos, audio files, coding snippets, and much more.


The thing which sets Notion apart from all other notebook apps is the fact that you can create databases within your notebook. A database is basically like an Excel sheet storing information in a structured way. This is also the feature I heavily use to keep track of all my film photography related activities.

Notion Database

Notion for Film Photography?

So here is a quick list of what I do with Notion in regards to my Film Photography. Keep in mind that every table can be linked with additional tables and information. More about that and how you can setup your own Notion follows in part two.

Film Inventory

A place for all your rolls waiting for shooting in your freezer.

Film Roll Log

Keep track of the rolls you already shot.

Film Purchases

Keep track of all the money you spent for your too expensive passion :D

Film Development Log

Take notes about the rolls you develop at home or sent to a lab.

Darkroom Printing

If you are doing darkroom printing, here is the place you can keep track of everything!

Photography Gear

You can also keep track of all the cameras and lenses you have!


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