K30 Stuttgart - Temporary Street Art Gallery

Germany Aug 15, 2022

Before a paint factory in Stuttgart Feuerbach, Germany is demolished, the entire site was transformed into a temporary street art gallery. Over 65 artists created 100 graffiti all over the industrial area.

Over two weekends, the entire site and all buildings were opened to the public. One could roam around the buildings and enjoy the incredible art. Of course, I had to take my film and digital camera with me! I took my analogue medium format Rolleicord V as well as my tiny 35mm Porst 135S with me.  As a digital camera, I took my Nikon Z6 with me.

Let's dive into the photos I took there and admire the remarkable skills of those graffiti artists.

If you want to learn more about the project and the space, feel free to check out the following links. Unfortunately, all the sites below are in German only.  

K30 Offspace – Studio Vierkant
Produktionsstätte K30 wird temporäre Galerie
65 Künstlerinnen und Künstlern verwandeln ein ehemaliges Industrie-Areal mit über 100 Graffitis in eine temporäre Streetart-Galerie.
K30 – Kruppstrasse - Wöhr + Bauer GmbH
Streetart im XXL-Format
Streetart, Feuerbach, K30, Galerie, Wöhr+Bauer, Studio Vierkant, Stuttgart


Digital - Nikon Z6


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