A Rainy Night - Soho / Leicester Square / China Town - London

London Oct 28, 2022

That Sunday evening, I was debating with myself if I should go out taking pictures or if I should just relax and watch some YouTube videos. I opened the weather app and the forecast looked gorgeous - heavy rain showers! Taking photos at night when it's pouring down is so much fun! I quickly decided to pack my photo bag and go out!

I started at London Waterloo Station and made my way towards Covent Garden via the Waterloo Bridge. At first, it looked rather sunny, but as I kept on walking the sky got darker and darker.

A couple of minutes later, the sky suddenly turned pitch black, and it started to rain heavily. The streets were nearly empty as everyone was trying to seek shelter from the rain.

First, I focused on capturing London buses as they drove through the heavy rain, which worked out very well. At this point, I was already completely soaked, despite my umbrella and rain jacket...

I continued to walk towards China Town and stopped at the BrewDog Pub which has a very cool neon sign out in the window. I focused on this sign and captured a few people walking across the frame with their umbrellas. I think these photos would be stronger if the umbrellas were in focus instead of the sign. But that's something I can try out the next time.

After a quick walk through China Town I made my way back to Waterloo Station and call it a day!



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