A crazy roll of expired Kodak VR Plus 400

Expired Film Jun 21, 2021

This particular roll of Kodak VR Plus 400 expired in 2007. I decided to overexpose this roll by one stop (metered for ISO 200) to compensate the age of the roll. The rule of thumb is to overexpose it one stop per decade. I shot the roll with a Nikon F65 during a few beautiful days in spring.

The results of the roll are really crazy! A lot of pinkish "leaks" on the left and right side. Furthermore drastic color shifts.

Let's see the contact sheet first to get an overview of the results:

Contact Sheet - Kodak VR Plus 400

And now, a few of my highlights:

Expired Kodak VR Plus 400
Expired Kodak VR Plus 400


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